Benefits of Alpaca Products

  • Alpaca YarnAlpaca is lighter than sheep’s wool, so you don’t have to have a product that’s heavy and bulky.
  • Alpaca is 7 times stronger than sheep’s wool, for a product that can last for years. *
  • Alpaca fiber does not contain lanolin, so it doesn’t have to be chemically treated during processing.
  • Alpaca is naturally anti-microbial, resulting in clothes and socks that do not absorb odor.  It is the original “stay fresh” product.
  • Alpaca naturally will not absorb moisture, making products essential for extreme activities. *
  • Alpaca resists piling and abrading, for products that will endure for years. *

Note (*): As certified by Gaston Textile Collage, NC 2009

Affordable Luxury

Boutique quality "Made in America" alpaca yarns.

A young Dream Catcher and Devin on the ranch. These beautiful and luxurious yarns are produced by numerous small ranches here in the US and are the finest you will find anywhere.  Each yarn is unique, a one of a kind natural product. is dedicated to bringing to you the finest of these yarns and roving.  These incredibly beautiful, soft yarns are processed in environmentally friendly settings by local mini-mills or hand spun in limited batches, often just one alpaca’s fleece at a time.  Because alpaca has no lanolin like sheep wool it is not necessary to use harsh chemicals for cleaning.  Staying away from chemicals is important to us.  We want that for us, we and we want that for you.

While alpaca comes in 16 natural, recognized colors there are slight variations in colors so we keep each batch separate for color consistency.  So, if you find one you like, be aware that exact color or twist may not be available again.  Each yarn is unique, a one of a kind natural product. Click on photo for larger image!

If there is something you do not see here, give us a call or email us, maybe we can provide it for you.

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